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2023 Imagery to be available by Aug. 31

County’s aerial imagery products

The latest Parcel Basemap data is available for download here

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Welcome to Geographic Information System

The San Bernardino County, Innovation and Technology Department (ITD), Application Development Division, GIS Team is proud to roll out our new GIS Web site to the public.  We welcome your review and feedback and we will do our best to meet the needs of the citizens and concerned interests here in San Bernardino County.


The County of San Bernardino’s Geographic Information Management Systems (GIMS) group has the responsibility to acquire imagery of its populated areas and landscapes in various formats and types, create the highest level of geospatial data possible, establish technical infrastructure, and develop public relations with county departments, local, state and federal governments and other agencies.  The County GIMS group works with many departments to integrate GIS technologies, to develop street-networks, parcel boundaries, climate zones, building locations, rivers, topography, and demographics.